ICRI-MNY Project Awards

The Metro New York Chapter of ICRI will be accepting local Project Award Submissions starting March 31st, 2024. Projects eligible for submission must be located in the Metro New York area and be completed after January 1st, 2023, or substantially complete before March 31st, 2024. 

Submit your project for a chance to win MNY ICRI Chapter’s Project of the Year Award or an Award of Merritt. In addition, our Chapter will cover the Project of the Year Award winner’s cost to submit their project to National ICRI for a chance to win a 2024 National ICRI Project Award.

All submissions are due by Friday, May 31th, 2024 at 5:00 PM EST.

Please review all rules and regulations prior to submission.

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Previous Project Award Winners




Project of the Year went to the Repair Contractor: Structural




Built in 1962 for the Holland America Cruise Line, Pier 40 is the largest pier in Manhattan and serves multiple functions within Hudson River Park. Pier 40 generates income needed for the Park’s continuing care and operations through a large public parking garage and excursion vessels. Pier 40 also provides essential public recreational functions, including a large athletic field complex, Hudson River Park’s River Project Wetlab, as well as New York City’s only outdoor Trapeze School which is located on the rooftop. For five years, however, the south section of Pier 40 had to be closed due to deteriorating conditions observed at the structure. This section of the pier encompasses approximately 180,000 square feet, including parking, spread over two levels. Closing this area down prioritized the safety of visitors, but ultimately hurt the bottom line. Repairs were needed to allow the Park to resume earning its full potential of revenue again.   To fully define the repair scope and reopen this section of the pier, an investigate-design-build approach was utilized to determine the root cause of the deterioration and develop a comprehensive solution. Repairs consisted of new roofing assemblies, structural plank replacement and repairs, concrete repairs to the pitching and wearing slabs, installation of new waterproofing system, and installation of a new sport field.  Through this collaborative approach, the garage at Pier 40 could be reopened safely while prioritizing project cost and schedule.

Owner Representative: 
Repair Contractor: Structural


Project Awards: Project of the Year

 After an inspection of Consolidated Edison Headquarters in September of 2017, needed areas of repair of the masonry  building became evident. Numerous challenges were experienced by the project team on this building starting with a deteriorated section of the cast iron window mullion falling onto a setback roof. Though challenges were faced, the project team accomplished these repairs utilizing methods including suspended scaffolding, mast climbers, system scaffolding, and even rope access methods. The Consolidated Edison Headquarters project presented a full display of excellent collaboration & response to considerable challenges with an emphasis on safety. 

A/E: Superstructures
Repair Contractor: Pullman



No awards submitted.


Project Of The Year & Award of Excellence, Façade- Christ Church United Methodist Repairs

In 2018, a team of contractors and architects took on the task of restoring the exterior of one of the prominent historical structures on Park Avenue in New York City’s prominent Upper East Side. Restoration work included matching historical masonry, sequencing and trade coordination, and plaza replacement. This work was all completed in a condensed 3 month period in order to reopen the school in time for the fall semester. 

Owner Representative: Roseann Degenarro, Christ Church United Methodist
A/E: Thomas Fenniman and Kate Groob, Thomas A. Fenniman Architect
Repair Contractor: Derek Robertson, Western Specialty Contractors
Manufacturer: Rock Ridge Sandstone Co.

 Award of Excellence, Concrete- Trump Village Section 3 Balcony and Façade Repairs

 During October – November 2012 Hurricane Sandy created havoc on the Coney Island community of Trump Village Section 3 (“TV3”). The site, consisting of three large 23 story brick cavity wall residential buildings with over 1,200 dwelling units and over 600 shaded cantilevered balconies, would need to undergo extensive repairs including a complete replacement of the balcony curbs, railings and partitions

Owner Representative: Michelle Walsh, Board President, Trump Village Section 3
A/E: Robert Antonucci, Antonucci & Associates, Architects & Engineers, LLP 
Repair Contractor: Stephan Spanos, Proto Restoration Construction LLC
Manufacturers: Joe Mondelli, Sika Corporation, 
Stillwell Ready Mix & Building Materials, LLC