Past Events List

Technical Annual Symposium: 2024 ICRI-MNY Annual Symposium: Building the Future with Sustainable Concrete Repair Solutions for Resilient Structures
Technical Annual Panel: Panel Discussion:Understanding and Maneuvering through LL 126: Periodic Inspection of Parking Structure (PIPS)
Social: Annual Holiday Party
Event: Panel Discussion: The Value of Petrography for Your Repair Project
Social: 20th Annual Golf Classic
Social: Annual
Rooftop Summer Social
9th Annual Fishing Trip at Mi-Jo Charters 
Technical Event: ICRI Annual Symposium: Alternative Replacement Materials & Why They're Used (Or Not)
Technical Event: Questioning Concrete Durability: What Did We Know and When Did We Know It? Presented y Professor Norman R. Weiss
01/26/2023 Technical Annual Panel: FISP/Local Law 11 Panel Discussion
12/07/2022 Social: Annual Holiday Party
11/17/2022 Technical Event: Fundamentals of Pyrrhotite-Induced Concrete Deterioration
10/24/2022 Social: Fall Golf Classic XIX
06/16/2022 Social: 8th Annual Fishing Trip at City Island
05/26/2022 Technical Webinar: Graffiti Removal and Prevention
04/28/2022 Technical Annual Symposium: Tying it All Together
02/10/2022 Technical Webinar: NYC Parking Garage Inspection Ordinance
01/20/2022 Technical Webinar: Waterproofing at Fallingwater
12/14/2021 Social: Annual Holiday Party
10/21/2021 Technical Annual Panel: FISP/Local Law 11 Panel Discussion
10/14/2021 Social: Annual Golf Classic XVIII
07/09/2021 Social: Annual Summer Social 
06/17/2021 Social: 7th Annual Fishing Trip in South Amboy, NJ 
05/27/2021 Technical Webinar: Gone to Pot: The Restoration of a Long Beach Terra Cotta Church
04/14/2021 Technical Annual Symposium: Keep it Moving:  Maintaining Infrastructure in the 21st Century
02/11/2021 Technical Webinar: Investigations at Height: Flying and Climbing High with Tech Tools
10/29/2020 Technical Webinar: Adjacent Construction: Mitigating Concerns for Nearby Structures in Dense Urban Areas
10/08/2020 Technical Webinar: Testing and Forensic Engineering
09/17/2020 Social: Annual Golf Classic XVII
09/10/2020 Technical Webinar: Digital Engineering
08/06/2020 Technical Webinar: Facade Stabilization System
07/23/2020 Social: Virtual Cocktail Hour
07/09/2020 Technical Webinar: "Thermally-Broken" Shelf Angles
05/28/2020 Technical Webinar: Local Law 11/FISP- Navigating the Changes and What it Means for You
01/29/2020 Technical Event: Bell Tower Restoration
12/19/2019  Social: Annual Holiday Party
11/06/2019  Technical: Structural Assessment Using Performance 
09/19/2019  Social: Annual Golf Classic XVI 
08/22/2019  Social: Annual Rooftop Summer Social  
06/20/2019  Social: 6th Annual Fishing Trip
04/25/2019  Technical Annual Symposium: Architectural Concrete 
03/21/2019 Technical: Site Safety, with a Focus on Upcoming Changes to Local Law 196
01/31/2019 Technical: A Brief History of Durability
12/06/2018 Social: Annual Holiday Party
04/25/2018 Technical: Ethics Breakfast
09/20/2018 Social: Annual Golf Classic XV
08/16/2018 Social: Rooftop Social
06/07/2018 Social: 5th Annual Fishing Trip
05/24/2018 Technical: Innovative Insulation Technologies and their Fitness for Use
04/27/2018 Technical Annual Symposium: Roofing and Building Envelope
02/22/2018 Technical: Architectural Concrete: An Innovative Approach to Concrete Restoration
12/07/2017 Social: Annual Holiday Party
09/14/2017 Social: Annual Golf Classic XIV
09/22/2016  Social: Annual Golf Classic XIII
09/17/2015  Social: Annual Golf Classic XII
09/18/2014 Social: Annual Golf Classic XI
09/19/2013 Social: Annual Golf Classic X
08/15/2013  Social: Rooftop Event 
02/13/2013  Technical: Corrosion Inhibitors 
10/17/2012  Technical: A Facelift of one of NYC's Premier Residential Buildings: A Case of the Largest Rainscreen Recladding in the US 
10/20/2012 Social: Annual Golf Classic IX
08/09/2012 Social: Rooftop Event