Call for Abstracts

ICRI MNY 2023 Symposium:
 Alternative Replacement Materials & Why They’re Used (or Not)

The ICRI Metro New York Chapter (MNY) invites the submission of presentation abstracts for the 2023 ICRI-MNY Symposium to be held at Club 101 on April 25, 2023.  There will be approximately 10 speakers.

Choosing the right replacement materials for a construction project is important.  Do you replace in kind, matching existing? Do you utilize alternative materials?  There are many instances in which the original material is the most appropriate choice.  However, there are a variety of instances in which an alternative material may be appropriate, whether it is due to material availability, (existing or changed) performance requirements, code requirements, installation requirements, adjacent design or material changes, or a change of detail.

In choosing the replacement materials, one needs to consider all of the requirements of a material and if the original or alternative materials are the most appropriate. Presentations are encouraged to focus one of the following topics:

  • Masonry Materials: GFRC, Cast Stone, Stone, Terra Cotta, Pre-cast, Cast Brick, Aggregates
  • Structural Materials: Galvanized, Stainless, Fibers, Concrete, Wood, FRP
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Waterproofing Materials

Presenters are encouraged to demonstrate not only how their chosen topics were handled within a project, but also how this project contributes to the knowledge base of the construction field by providing an in-depth analysis of what was learned in the course of the project.  Presentations are to be approximately 30 minutes long, in English, with a maximum of two speakers, unless specifically discussed with ICRI-MNY prior to submission.

The due date for abstract submission is February 6th, 2023.  

The following is required to be included in your submission:

  • Contact Information (Name, Email, Phone Number)
  • Presenter Information (Resume, Headshot, Short Bio [150 words])
  • Abstract Information (Title, Abstract [250 to 400 words])
  • Photo (at least two photos referencing the above)

If you have your materials ready to go:

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